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Mark and Kevin had been anxiously awaiting their large day for a while but when the wedding finally rolled around the two of them were so nervous that they had to take a few shots and down a beer before they could even think about walking down the aisle...

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Cal and Giorgio have lived together for years but when it all comes down to it they still fuck like rabbits and they can`t keep their hands off each other! When a friend of theirs asked if they would consider posing for a website that he wanted to start the men were intrigued and they told him that they would think about it and if he showed up later in the week for dinner they would give him an answer...

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Donny Sucks A Big Black Cock!

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Donny had been living with Mike for a long time but he still had no idea that Mike had a crush on him. It wasn`t until a few weeks ago that Donny found out just how much Mike wanted to get his hands on him...

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Randy Gets Caught In A Dark Orgy

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Randy had just taken a new job as a courier and to be honest he wasn`t really enjoying the job. He much preferred being around people and running around all day delivering packages was driving him nuts but he needed the money so he kept on working...

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Rob and Richard Get Pretty And Fuck addicted!

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Rob and Richard had been toying with the idea of sex for a while. When they first met the two of them agreed that it would be better to take things slow and see where things went from there. They were both coming out of long term relationships and while they knew they wanted to be together they didn`t want to go too fast and ruin it before it`d begun...

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